the red sox?

it’s official… I’m obsessed with Andy Davis’s music…

So my last post was a bit, um, somber… funny how a night of sleep gives you a whole new perspective & attitude. I do love what I do, I love where I am, who I know, etc. As I’m sitting in my sister’s dorm room at Gordon College, I’m actually missing Indy. I don’t really miss Erie, ok, no, I just simply don’t miss Fairview. But I miss Indianapolis. I miss friends from there, I miss friends from work, I miss students (all you crazy folks), I just miss “home” even when it doesn’t feel like home. As I flew on the airplanes yesterday, I kept on thinking about how I lucky I am… even with massive amounts of debt, lack of multiple adult friends, and lack of a ‘college life’ social life, what I have far-out-weighs the negatives. I have authenticity, accountability, friends older than me who offer so much more, opportunity to finally, FINALLY offer what I can, and simply life.

I have life… and not just for a few more years, or 50, or anything of the sort. Eternal life… forever… with my Creator, my Father, my Sustainer… and I seem to lack the drive or really exclaim that daily. As I was reading a book on the second plane to Manchester, NH, I was realizing that I don’t… that if I’ve been transformed by God, then why the heck don’t I really act like it all the time… no idea… gotta think on that one more

i wish my eloquence didn’t leave me when i graduated college… i can’t write worth poo (<—point in case)

Jenna should be here shortly… i’ll write something more intelligent lata!


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