monday, monday…

So it’s Monday, I’m sitting in my office at work, on my day off, attempting to reconnect to the world for which I feel a wee bit disconnected. I think that’s not necessarily a bad thing… just, well, interesting.

Sunday was interesting – is it bad/sadwhen you’re excited about NOT seeing someone at your place of employee, that also happens to be a place where you worship? Yeah… not a good thing… keep praying that God break my heart down on this one.

I have this bizarre feeling that the life as I’ve known it will continue to change and not be what I’ve known ever again… it’s a scary feeling… something’s happening, not sure what though…

Mississippi in a week… and I just found out that this might be the most challenging trip I’ve ever faced… in major part because i’m Libby… I don’t know, right now, it’s two men, and then me… pastor, lay pastor, and what, youth intern… but I feel like this is just the right thing – that it’s where God is leading me. No clue why though… but in two weeks, i should have that answer, huh? 🙂

Off to rent some movies, grab my lunch, do some laundry and cleaning, and of course, watch those movies… 🙂 free rentals at blockbuster from a class-action lawsuit in 2001 = my friend… 🙂 No clue, that’s just what i know!

Maybe I’ll write something intriguing shortly…


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