this week…

wow, life is an amazing rollercoaster, isn’t it… (ha, I’m laughing now, remembering a joke and realizing that NO one who will read this will have an idea of it, only 7 guys from Indiana and Mississippi…

it’s official, my life is different from college, high school, etc… see, it’s funny… the life that I have always known is truly not what it once was… I’m not longer Libby from Fairview, Libby from WC, Libby from the Gap, even. I’m really just Libby… but I’m Libby from ZPC, from Carmel… two weeks ago at youth group, I led the lesson on identity, and it made me think a lot this week about that… my identity, in terms of worldliness continues to change… my location, my thrills, my activities, etc… BUT Libby, the daughter of God, remains the same… and sometimes, I think I’m seeking that solace, that love, that truth, that “me” in the wrong place – the place I’m telling my students NOT to do… and then, here I go…

this week was such a whirlwind… in a car with all these people who really have no clue who I was, still don’t fully know me… don’t know much of me, really. Don’t know about Kyle, don’t know about my life at home, college, friends, etc. But the boys as I lovingly referred to them all week, didn’t care… they just wanted to know me… to love me, to laugh with me, to make fun of me – unmercily – and to BE with me. The church, what it really could be, was modeled in a blessed way this week… i listened, i laughed, i cried (often in secret), and i lived… not for Libby, either… God told us all this week to pick up our crosses and follow Him, and I watched 5 men do that… I watched hundreds, really, but I specifically, watch 5 men from my home church (one from a different one even), leave families, loved ones, jobs, for the sake of others… and it was a beautiful experience… it’s funny, but I remorsefully miss them… I wish I knew them more… I wish they knew me more… but I know it’s right what happened… the questions we walked away with far outweighed the answers we came back with… but if there’s one thing that’s certain, we saw God at work, crying with his children, laughing with his children, and simply, with his children this week.

What a loving God, what a SOVEREIGN God He is…

I am so in love with
I am so in love with
I am so in love with
You, my Lord, my God


One response to “this week…

  1. These anonymous bloggers seem to really like you.

    On another note…I saw you today.

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