i got that lovin’ feelin’…

haha, so maybe not, but I have had some really fun songs in my head as of late that i felt i needed to share with you… so there… not that ‘you’ actually read anything… who reads this anyway… no one… and i’m not so sure it’s even therapeutic… but we can all pretend, right?

The past few weeks… ahh, the past few weeks… I think I’ve come to finally accept something about myself that doesn’t make me remotely proud, but glad I finally kind of did something about it. Then of course, there’s just the issue that I don’t know how or whom else to tell, and the obligation and the course that’s run after it’s addressed… ahh…

Then there’s the word love… i really wish I could just live w/ the Ancient Greeks… they had life so simplistically figured out. What is it really that I’m hungering for (not food, i’m beyond full and ready to burst with liquid)? Is it acceptance? I have that! Is it love? I’m beyond loved in a familial, friendship like way. I read the word love from one person, and I’m a basketcase for three days… 5 days… 10 days… ay, there’s the rub… my love life… is insanity, yet defunct… as is much of my life in general… should I be that surprised? No…

I’m rambling and distracted (frankly, ADD is taking over my life undiagnosed, one day at a time)… you don’t really want to read this anyway, so i’m done!


3 responses to “i got that lovin’ feelin’…

  1. i read…but that prolly creeps you out more than comforts you…and now you get to sit and stew and try to figure out who this is…ha!…have fun

  2. I read. I’m people. People read.

    In other news, we could all use a little more spice in our life.

    By the by…I’m gonna be home for the weekend. Wooooooot. (And Thanksgiving next week…I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle two straight weekends at home)

  3. themadlibs

    um, i think i am creeped out… can i have clue… are you a college graduate, anonymous?

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