curiosity killed the cat

my cat is dead…

are you happy now?

I like the computer/video game of Golf for numerous reasons… main one? Mulligans… they’re things of beauty. The things you really screwed up, or are curious what would have happened ‘if’ are all right at your fingertips. Now don’t get me wrong, I know who I am is who I”m content with, who I still love. But I wonder sometimes what things could be different if I just had made one slightly different decision.

I think I need to get a real journal shortly and just talk away… i’d make my friends’ lives easier… less rambling, right? 🙂

When I said I hate the word love before, i meant it… I hate it because its been destroyed by the English language. You hear it and you always want it to mean things that it can’t or won’t or shouldn’t or doesn’t…

Here’s a question I’m essentially requiring all readers to respond to… anonymously or not, I don’t care… but it’s at the heart of a debate right now between my boss and I – and frankly, I enjoy winning.

can you have a truly healthy friendship with a member of the opposite sex without sexual tension?

next week i’ll give my response… but i’m requiring a minimum of 7 responses before I can give it… 7 different perspectives/people


3 responses to “curiosity killed the cat

  1. well i would have to ask what you mean by “sexual tension” exactly…in my experience (as a male) each of my relationships with memebers of the opposite sex have at some point passed through a stage, at least in my own mind, of tension concerning “relationship” stuff…i guess you could call it sexual tension…i have expressed it more of a time of asking myself the question “wait, do i want to be more than friends with this woman?”…and once that decision is made, by myself or sometimes even jointly, things can proceed…and if that point is reached where you feel like you can just have a friendship with this person without worrying about other things then you can and i do…but i dont think that there can be a healthy friendship that hasnt gone through that stage somehow…and then there are questions of both parties being privy to this realization of frienship definition…and all the issues that naturally arise from peoples inability to communicate properly…i think i have lost track of my point…anyway…that is essentially how i would respond to that questions…with a few caveats of course…

    also, i am the same anonymous as the previous post…and i fear any clue i could think of would give it away…in fact i feel that the langauge and style of this comment is enought to give away my identity…certainly if you heard me pronounce that word you would probably be able to make a well informed guess…oh well…i eagerly await your perspective on this question

  2. I’m afraid that I will adequately describe my feelings on this subject, mostly because I’m not sure what I think.

    Now, I do think that tension comes up in every male/female relationship. It seems like there are three things you can do. Cast aside those feelings, and move on with a platonic sort of thing, Follow those feelings, pursuing a physical relationship, or just ignore things completely.

    Now, as to the question of whether a healthy relationship has to have sexual tension…I dunno.

  3. themadlibs

    as i said, i won’t respond til there’s more here…

    4 more to be exact…

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