someone once told me…

… that i’m the most interesting person they’ve ever met – how sad… actually, two people have said this to me in the last 2 years – it means either they haven’t met a lot of fun people, or i lead a life far more abnormal than i want to admit

… that every time you feel caught up, you’re lost again – check

… that I was a horrible writer… starting to agree here

… that my brain functions far different than most – i concur

… that I ramble like the best of them – yup

and you?


2 responses to “someone once told me…

  1. hWell…I think you’re crazy. But that’s not news to anyone.

    So…you never gave your opinion on the tension thing. And I’m waiting for it. I’ve actually been sitting here at my computer for 6 days, just waiting for you to tell us your thoughts

  2. libby, you are completely insane. but i love you anyways, and like that josh kid, i wanna hear your answer too.


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