love me, love me…

oh blast from the past… how i get these songs in my head, i’ll never know…

sometimes, I finally get a brain and decide to read other intelligent people’s words instead of my own (b/c of the lack of intelligence)…

But anyway, I found lyrics to a song by Justin McRoberts on his newest CD Grace Must Wound… and I remembered why I love his music so much… check out this song and let me know your thoughts…

Safe J. McRoberts
It’s safe for everyone. Clean jokes and cleaner fun.
Come bring the kids and wife. Stay safe and stay alive.

We’ll close and lock the doors, to keep the bad ones out
That’s how we’ll show them just how good it is inside this house

They’d hurt our young, they’d steal our time
They’d eat our bread and drink our wine.

I’d rather fail a thousand times
than live in fear and never try.

It’s safe and quiet now
far from the seething crowds
who clamor for what they deserve
those sinners sure do have some nerve
We’ve earned our right to live in peace
by choosing Christ and living quietly.

A thousand times I’d rather fall
than be afraid to move at all
After all what is this thing that
you call grace? And is it safe?

So, is it safe? Should it be safe? Do you know what it is?


2 responses to “love me, love me…

  1. Story of my life, man…how do I share this with my students? That being safe is being complacent and too careful? “It” that you talk about is overflowing…we shouldn’t fear failure and losing it…but we do. I do. That is all.

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