I just don’t even know what to say!

sometimes, I sit here and wonder WHAT people are actually thinking when they stand in front of a camera…

Sometimes I wonder what the world is thinking when they think the word God. I don’t know what Mayor Nagin was thinking (he’s clearly a blunt and sometimes over honest man, which I suppose is good in the political world), but he’s certainly got people thinking. I heard first about this commentary yesterday evening (ok, so like 1 am on the news), and I was shocked then. As I think more about his commentary, I wonder what I would do if I were in his situation.

Beyond that, I wonder, really… do people, does the world really blame God? And if so, did the hurricanes or could the hurricanes change how people percieve God in both a negative and positive way? Yes, what happened was horrific… unimaginable. I forever will have images blazened on my heart from my trip over a MONTH after the hurricanes hit, it was utterly devastating, and we only really were in one of the major hit towns; road just missing for 20 foot holes, houses just gone, with foundations left, foundations broken, looking into a house as if it were a barbie doll house. Over and over… I could write for hours… interstate’s bridges just gone, missing, road signs in the wrong places, it was eerie…

Yet at the same time, I saw the church finally start to question what they are doing, if they’re doing good, who God is, how we must rely upon something greater than our own common good… questioning politics not because CNN told us to, but because we don’t need to list to Pat Robertson or Chuck Colson at all times…

So, what do I say? I don’t know… but what I want to know, what I really really want to know, is … could he be right? Is Nagin right? Is he wrong? What should our reaction to the hurricanes be as the church, as disciples of Christ?


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