what does wishing get you, anyway?

not quite sure… but I’m sick of it… i’m sick of the phrase, I’m sick of the notion…

I’m also sick of…
– boys complaining about drama with girls, when in fact, girls create in equal fashion drama that boys create – it’s merely the notion that girls drone on and on about it, whine and carry on about your issues, while boys don’t ever actually say what they’re thinking, unless they’re in lust and have enough confidence to carry those words on to someone else, or it’s about farting, pooping etc, which are all conversations girls who are confident about themselves will in fact carry on (ps, I LOVE when you have conversation with your bosses, and you say that girls talk about poop and they deny it until I finally give them a viable example of a conversation involving me and another girl discussing poop when both of them were both around and able to HEAR THE WORDS! gar…
– politics… i never wanted to admit there are as many as there are right now, but i fear that the world has politics (i’m NOT speaking of the democratic, socialist, communist or anarchist world, but within the sub-world of work, life, etc…) – i’m sick and tired of having to balance everything i say or think by whom I am speaking with, and what both he/she and I want to get out of the conversation… I’m sick of always fearing I’ve pissed another person off, put myself into another awkward position, or merely give up on life… but alas, it’s where I’m at…
– Indianapolis… i think it’s official, I’m ready to get the heck out of here… too much poo is going on in my life, and instead of revolving around the mistake on the lake, it’s around the crossroads of america…

I think I’ve suddenly put myself into a mood… great…………………………


One response to “what does wishing get you, anyway?

  1. On behalf of Indianapolis…It was great having you here.

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