So I read this article months ago that said that a lot of women are diagnosed as getting adult onset of Attention Deficit Disorder and I think I may be one of those women… that, or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. I swear, lately, I can not keep my focus on anything for more than a minute, when I think of something else need to do, which averts my attention and therefore my brainpower towards it. Today at one point I was
a) writing 6 different e-mails
b) had 3 different websites open and was working in each
c) talking on the phone
d) attempting to get a fax prepared
e) cleaning out my bag

WHAT?! I couldn’t do anything… they were all things that I started in a 10 min. period of time… i need more structure in my life, or that apparently follows… i’ll work on it, promise!

On a funner note, I have Justin McRoberts CD playing nonstop lately… Grace Must Wound is playing until, well, until the CD burns probably, which is truly a shame, b/c I’ve done it already to two other cds… apparently my CD in my car (darn Nissan’s) enjoys to skip all my favorite CDs, cuz they like overheat or something. I have/had a friend who had the same issues with his Nissan Altima as well (it was 2 years older than mine, and was a manual transmission, but other than those differences, and slightly different color hue, we’re totally the same cars!)… so I become understandably leary of playing CDs in my car… random fact, but what I”m telling you is that you need to go to hispace or hissite to get the really deal … this man rocks … i kid you not …

see, ADD… I was writing about it because my main purpose was to tell you all about my odd experience of the day… apparently I’ve lost my cell phone, again… gahhhhh… not quite sure how, but it’s mia… and i received 6 phone calls today on it… ruhroh… I think I left it at the Yogurt Emporium, so pray for me… I kinda need it!


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