you know that day…

when you finally get over yourself, or over something, or over someone… and you’re finally just like, yeah… but it’s time to just stop even thinking about it…

yeah, that was today… like, 5 minutes ago…

not quite sure how i feel about it…

yeah, i think i feel all of those right now… (oh, and i was hyper 20 minutes ago, but that’s long gone…)
i wish someone would actually freaking comment on this… i’m feeling a little, uh… lonely..

3 responses to “you know that day…

  1. I expect a phone conversation about this post…

    Glad you’ve reached this point…finally…it’s been a rough road, but you will be okay. God put you through it all for a reason, and you’re a better person because of it. Talk to you soon!

  2. yea i had that day sunday, the first day i had talked to josh in 46 days. weird that we’re feeling the same thing. i may be 8 years younger but still, its kinda the same.

    please dont cancel fun in the son! =[

    love always.

  3. Libby! I finally have a second to find your blog and say hey! I can only wonder what you were refering to, but I have a guess. Like the blog. Will take me years to get into all of it. I already feel overwhelmed b/c you have so many posts for me to catch up with. I’ll just have to take my time. But it looks great and I can’t wait to dive in!

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