back in june…

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately about my life, and about, more specifically, june… the month, yes.

I’ve found that June is truly a telling month for me… i mean, the obvious is that it’s my birthday month, so that says a lot into that whole game… but I got my permit when I was 16, I graduated from the hell hole known as FHS, i got a job at the Gap post-college (the one event I never expected to happen – no real job out of college, i was offered a job in june at zpc for another year…

but it goes beyond those simple illustrations… i mean, with these examples, I could use almost any month in my near 24 years of life… but I’ve always looked at june like most people’s January… i get a fresh start on life, a fresh start on love, a frest start on relationships… things change for everyone in june, when it’s finally that summer time, travelling is more realistic… and now, it’s the month o’ weddings…

And i’m realizing it’s May and there have already been some major decisions to happen this year in my life – what could that mean for June of ’06. Aside from the fact that I’ll be gone from Indiana more than I’ll be in Indiana during the month, I so fully can see how God could use me, and teach me so much during that month, simply because I’ll be gone from here… it’s so exciting, but so overwhelming to me too…

But what brings so much joy in my heart is knowing that God is going to use these months for laughter, joy, trials, confusion, sadness, despair, peace and the likes… it won’t be an easy June, but it will be a june i’ll look to with memories galore, and knowing full-well that God was in the midst of it… and that’s more than enough for me to rejoice in.


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