stay humble…

I already have more posts than I had all of April, March, February and January… ha, this either means i’ve been online far too much in the last week (czech), or I have free time finally (czech) or I have a lot on my mind (czech)

and the next person to post on my blog who I either know or live near (at any point, so this includes holidays), i’ll take you to Starbucks and we can discuss the lives we live, or just simply laugh at whatever insane antic i attempt to pull!

this thing is pathetic…

my goal right now (among MANY) is to continue using good lyrics (or hilarious) in every subject… your job/goal will be to tell me who wrote each of them, what song etc… this one I’ll give you, b/c you’d never in a million years get it…

stay humbletyler james

and with that, it’s gonna be an easy song post…

::come off cold – tyler james::


2 responses to “stay humble…

  1. You are a crazy, crazy girl…I can’t wait till I have a laptop all my own that I can use to get online and post! I look forward to checking out this Tyler James character…you seem to have a new obsession! Anyway, I’ll do my best to snag some pics on Friday and post them on my blog or Flicker…have a great day today and talk to you soon!

  2. I so want starbucks.

    And California?

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