the world’s shaking…

The Great Escape – Midwest

The last two years I’ve had the joy and privledge of traversing with 100+ middle school students and counselors to TGE up in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where my boss, Chris, and one of his dear friends, Craig, run a camp through YCM (Youth Camp Ministries – formerly PFR-Youth). They’ve been doing this for a number of years (what that number is, I don’t know!). Both years I’ve also had the joy and challenge of leaving Mexico a day early, so that I can get up to Wisconsin with some rest under my belt (if you call it rest, really i’m far too hyper!) This year was no exception, except a bunch more insanity than last. I drove 3 students up, all counselors for the trip with me (one is a college student, the boys were both high school students). My responsibility this year was far more indepth than last, as I was the head female counselor and, and more importantly, the high school counselors’ counselor/liason.

more to come…


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