come on baby light…

ok… time out… it’s official, I think the 2nd coming may be occuring soon… leggings are officially back…


the only thing to deter my thoughts of an immediate parousia is that mullets, last I checked, are not… but seriously, two students just ran into me at Panera, “hiding” out… and one was wearing leggins and the other, capris with, no joke, 3 inch pumps… if the two of them didn’t look like modern-day 80s students, I don’t know how else to describe them…. oh my goodness i’m weirded out right now!


One response to “come on baby light…

  1. Amy, Ben, and Bryn

    This is horrifying to me….. Although better, I think, than the recent frightening “tiny white tank top with black bra” phenomenom I’ve been noticing in Zville lately…..

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