somebody told me…

so, i sprained my ankle yesterday – yes, leave it to me to do the most insanely stupid thing on a trip on the roof at the church yesterday. 6 of us ventured to the 3rd floor roof (well, it’s 3 stories high, there’s not a “3rd floor”) on Thursday morning to work on this video for Sunday – I’m not lying, it was probably one of the most insane things I’ve been a part of in a few weeks! 🙂

So we’re walking all over this pitched roof (have I mentioned my HUGE fear of heights yet? cuz when I was younger (by younger, I mean 12), i refused to go on a roller coaster because of the height… yeah, exactly. So there I am, walking along this roof, looking at the cement that if I were to splatter on, would be a not so good story for the director of our preschool to have to tell parents – “yes, the youth ministry intern, Libby – the girl that half of your students know quite well – she was walking on the roof and fell off to her ensuing death…” Talk about a bad image to have running through your mind as you’re walking!

We walked the entire roof, well, kind of, until we got to the place where I was to throw the honeydew off the roof and scream, “IMPACT” (ask if you want to know why). I did, and it was over… we found a soft place on the roof, I avoided that, and was venturing from the end of the pitchedness, thinking “oh, look, I’m on the flat part, praise God…” I for some reason still recall thinking about how I had decided in my head it would be smart to step onto the raised “railing” (really, like 1 foot higher than the roof) and then step onto the actual roof, but to me, it made sense at the time. I did so with my right foot, thus securing half of my body higher than the other by 2 feet, but ensuring safety on the roof – phew!

Then, as I fully stood and went to go down on my left foot, in my stupid mind I thought nothing, and inevitably rolled my ankle quite successfully, falling lovely onto the ground, and hitting a pipe upstairs… that hurt too, but not nearly as much as my ankle. My first thought? Not, shit that hurt – or, MOM! No, my first thought was, oh my gosh, Andy’s right around the corner, I hope the camera is turned off! There he came, and while I’m trying to hold back profanities (he doesn’t swear, never has in his entire life), I’m realizing just how insane I do look.

So I roll over, b/c putting any pressure on this ankle doesn’t sound like a good idea, when i realize, “hmm, I have to stand up, still” So Andy’s looking at me, with the look of, “idiot!” and “clutz” and “how’d she do that” – he did ask if I needed help, but you all know me, never ask for help. So what did I do? Yeah, I stood up, realizing quickly that I can put NO pressure on my ankle… hmm, that’s a problem. Well, I start to hobble my way over, pushing Andy ahead, and realizing that I think I may have hurt myself more than just a few hour hurt. I managed to get down the ladder (ha, another funny part of that day), and limp my way to the office, while Bethany is laughing her butt off at my stupidity (though no one witnessed, they could all only imagine what i’d done!)

When I got into my office, I sat in my chair and looked at Bethany… here’s a replication of our interaction:
– “so, are you gonna look at it?”
– “hmm, yeah, I should…”
– “yeah, that would require you doing so then”
– “ok, here goes nothing…”
– “holy crap, libby!”
– “ha, it looks like there’s an egg on my foot – and it’s been what?”
– “5 minutes, max – libby, that’s HUGE already”
– “probably not a good sign, huh?”
– “no… hahaha… Libby!”
– “hmm, I should probably do something about this?”
– “does it hurt?”
– “nah… not at all”
– “really? how not?”
– “well, by not at all, what I really mean it’s killing me”
– “i’m gonna go get ice…”
– “oh don’t worry about it…”
– “shut up, klutz!”

Then, instead of you know, elevating and ice-ing it, what did I do? Go to the school lunch for 70 minutes on my feet the entire time, no stops… we took a peak at it later when I got back to church after a meeting, oh my goodness, that thing was huge…

Waking this morning, I thought it looked “alright” – as I got to work, I took another peak – hahahaha – apparently the lighting in my room allows me to think things are smaller than they actually appear… a camera should be taking a photo of this additional entity later today… swelling is to my toes, lovely and purple, and there’s a line of demarkation of swelling that’s pretty much the funniest thing ever. Two of the guys at work today asked how my ankle was, and I lifted my foot on the desk, and Matt exclaimed “what the HECK!” Andy, just laughed. Then I was asked to show what my other foot looks like, for comparisons sake – haha, that allowed a good minute chuckle, with just a wee bit of a snort from me… seriously, my foot is huge people… huge… and my feet are pretty small – and cute – oh, I was also told: “well, i guess if it were two days ago, I’d say you really do have cute feet – now you have a cute right foot, but i’ll let my silence say enough about your left, is that ok, Whibby?


One response to “somebody told me…

  1. Amy, Ben, and Bryn

    Libby, STOP WALKING AROUND. Ice and elevate. And possibly see a doctor or invest in an Ace bandage wrap. Yeah, do that. Just stop making it worse!!!

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