whoa, we’re halfway there…

major news day in the US today… I wonder how many are aware…

* science teachers are feverishly attemping to figure out how to teach the planets to their students this year, since My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine is all you can teach… hmm, maybe instead we should go with:
My Very Eager Man Just Sent U Nothing
My Very Eager Mother Just Slipped Up North
My Violent Ex Might Just Sleep Until Noon

I like the latter… for, oh, so many reasons…

* ok, this one just blows my mind… seriously, not just joking aside, did you know that our government approved this today? what are your thoughts, people? I’m not just asking are you “pro-life” or “pro-choice”, what I’m asking is about a moral question that is now facing our nation – how much anonymity is too much??? I can see so many suicides, depression, major issues coming from this measure, it scares me…

* all you apple owners… sorry! that sucks…

* hmm, good to know that at least something’s changed in the last 40 years in america… ugh… i mean, i realize that we’re all just pretty much utter idiots walking around with brains that make us think we’re brilliant, iq tests, personality tests, all of which tell us of our gifts, etc… but, dang, we’re dumb… that kills me… kills me

i’m gonna go enjoy pandora, relevant and my pjs now… it’s been a weird day… (ps, my foot still is not broken, nor my ankle… everyone who was concerned by that story or the sight of my foot can forgo concern – i was forced to the dr. today – and after an hour of sitting around, an x-ray, and sitting more while reading Return of Jafar, it has been determined that all there is is a stupid owner running this body

…..::::::Can’t Stop Lovin’ You::..::Phil Collins:::::::……


One response to “whoa, we’re halfway there…

  1. Glad to hear your ankle is NOT broken…that could have presented some serious issues.

    In regards to the planets…science doesn’t really interest me…

    As to the morning after pill…all I can say is…*sigh*…I have dealt with the repurcussions of friends taking the morning after pill…it’s ugly.

    Ha…it sucks to be you, apple owners!

    Man, will racism EVER die? Probably not…the south is such a different place…when we were kids, we had assigned bus seats…and the older kids always FOUGHT for the back…if they misbehaved they were up front…but Rosa Parks would NOT be thrilled at this new development…stupid white racist hicks…grr…

    Feeling better today…but still struggling…keep me in your prayers, friend. Thanks! *hug*

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