another day has come and gone…

a month and a half into the whole West Coast lifestyle, and i have just a few reflections:

– seminary is a breeding ground for couples, but they’re all under the covers (well, not literally)
– Dr. Na was brilliant and i’m so freaking lucky to have had class with that man…
– procrastination is not an option, it’s a lifestyle – or at least, it’s mine
– i’ve mastered the art of awkwardness – and signing it, too!
– i think my theology is changing right in front of my face… what?
– i’m not sure I want to be presbyterian anymore
– i wish i had a small group where we could wrestle in real-face-time with these questions
– it never rains here…
– i like that it never rains here
– clouds are really pretty when you rarely see them
– i’ve almost walked the soles off my favorite pairs of flipflops 😦
– bible content tests sucks…
– i don’t like to read – i just like to stare at books and pretend like i read – oh, and pretend like i’m smart
– the letter z is much more important than i ever once realized, until right now…
– my laptop is truly ghetto and ancient, all at the same time… beat that!
– the us is freaking amazing to drive through – and frankly, i can’t wait til i get to do it again
– i have friends who stretch out across the entire US… how blessed am i?
– God’s got a plan, and I certainly like to mess with it, when i somehow think I’ve got the right to…
– sex is a common topic in seminary – awkward? yes… really? no…

that’s enough… questions/comments/anything to make me feel cool?


One response to “another day has come and gone…

  1. Amy, Ben, and Bryn

    Libs, I love you and am so sorry that we keep missing each other by phone! Let’s connect soon. I want to hear about your adventures. 🙂

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