dancing in the streets…

i can’t wait til this little cat and mouse game is all over… one way or the other, there’s one thing i can’t stand to deal with – or at least, shows my ineffective ability to work at patience: lack of self-motivation (there’s another word, escaping me at the moment)…

some day, this is going to be past me, and i’ll be laughing at how i was annoyed or frustrated with the situation – but in the midst of it, Libby is not showing her best colors…

which i’m not sure what they are? Pink? Brown? Blue? Green? Black? Red? I’ve been told they all are…

some day, someone is going to tell me I’m pretty, not just all my friends (from everywhere – i’m good at having really attractive friends – i feel like the token ugly duckling everywhere – the girl who comes with you so you feel good about yourself)… oh, i digress… i’m supposed to be working in a field where I don’t believe this crap, and i’m as much a part of the world’s sinfulness with all of this as the rest… some day, some day…

some day, this will all piece together… right?


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