steal me from this priss-teen life…

when I was younger, 1982 made me think i was so young… i don’t know why, but those number still sound so recent. I mean, honestly, some days I think it’s still 1994 – I recall thinking how close to 2000 that was when I was 11, and how well, untouchable both years really were to me. Guess what? yeah, it’s been nearly 13 years later. WHAT? 2007? Can you imagine what the challenge will be to call that decade something if we’re still divisively fighting over what to call 2000-2009. The Otts? I guess so…

so if that’s not enough of a thought to have had at 6 am today, I suddenly thought – i’m going to be 25 next. Hmm, thought… 25… that’s cool…

then utter freak-out occured… i’m going to be TWENTY-FIVE? And what’s going on in my life? A majority of my friends are definitely going to be turning 25 this year, from all over the country – Pittsburgh, Erie, Philly, DC, Georgia, California, Indiana… I mean, what? all over the place a bunch of loved ones will be claiming their silver anniversaries of life. I feel so young and immature, and suddenly I realized… I’ve lived already a pretty major and intense life, and to think of what is yet to come, in my individuated life? crazy…

I just don’t know how to think about this… we’re getting older and i’m feeling dumber and younger every one of those days! Crazy………


3 responses to “steal me from this priss-teen life…

  1. As a current 25er, let me just say that your jarring feelings of antiquity are true and accurate to the T. Who coined that phrase…to the T?? Anyway, I feel like I haven’t lived all that much. Maybe my next 25 will make up for it. If current situations are any indication, then yes, it will be an amazing and freaking scary next quarter century. All my love.

  2. Karen Elizabeth

    I can join you in your freak-out. I’m turning 25 soon as well and the thought of it stops me in my tracks. Apparently I thought I’d have a life by now (lol).

  3. My current freak-out is that I just turned 28….. which officially puts me closer to 30 than 25. Now THAT is old. Thought of you today when I had to take Brynie in for her shots all by myself…. much crying ensued.

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