can you take me higher?

US Airways/America West certainly wanted to see how many times I could go “up” in the sky in the last day…

3 flights
11 hours of layovers
5.5 hours in air
1 night in airport
1 crossainwich as first food consumed in day
1 fruit container from Starbucks
1 diet coke pre-final flight
1 spilled pop/soda on airplane by stewardess ON me
2 dogs on final flight
3 screaming babies
300 people in line getting rerouted in dingy Vegas
1 mistakenly stolen blanket from USAirways
1 destroyed piece of luggage returned to me in Cleveland with packaging tape holding it together
5 new friends met on flights OR at gates
2 snorts on tarmac in Ontario as we waited to leave
4 new pieces of trivia learned in-flight thanks to Cranium on the tv

I’m not gonna lie, I’m exhausted, but it was a fun/random/crazy/silly 21 hours of travel… talked youth ministry, church, fresno, pasadena, cleveland sports, colts sports, Rose Bowl travel tips, parking in Pasadena, Starbucks, horror story travel experiences, NW storm (2x), travel to and from Canada/Mexico, etc., favorite midwest and east coast cities, and cross-country travel options (north-route, south-route, etc.)

but i’m making no sense, and shutting up 🙂


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