what a beautiful…

i think this illness is getting to my emotional well-being… whatever the heck it is, it combined with Over the Rhine has Libby sitting her in room in tears…

i feel quite, forgotten and alone lately… i’m so sure how i feel about this seminary thing, and more importantly, how i feel about my life right now… i just feel so completely alone and forgotten; so completely restless; so completely fringe… it’s a joke to think that people really want to be my friends who i think want to be my friends – i must say too much or act like i awkwardly want it too much for it to happen

see, i think it’s really the illness… maybe its meningitis… haha, that’s horrible to think, but at least there’s a direct correlation between that and altered status

maybe i’ll be ‘beyond’ this shitty mood later this week… probably not


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