the ascent of stan…

those weeks that you’re so excited about, but conversely dread are amazingly hilarious. I’m in the midst of one of them. Today is my lightest day by far, and i still have, oh, you know… 5 hours of work, tons of studying and catch up, knowing in full that the rest of the week is as it will be.

Tuesday is a prospective student evening visit – which means i’ll work in admissions from 8-1pm (ish), class at 1, then run back over to admissions to drop of stuff before i’m working again 3:30 til about 10pm for that. Fun day of 13 hours of admissions poo.

Wed. I don’t have class, but i’ll be working a full day, sans chapel and a lunch break. Then it’s class at night, which means i’ll arrive home around 10:30/11:00 pm.

Thursday is going to be fun, ps… 🙂 Work 8-1pm, class 1-3, i think a study group at 3-5 pm, then i head to Sierra Madre, possibly with others, to go to a show in Azusa of one of my all-time favorites EVER – Justin McRoberts. I don’t know who all is going, but from the rumor mill, this might be the most interesting experience thus far at Fuller for Libby. We’ll see on that one.

Then this weekend i’m pretty sure i’m heading down to Biola Friday night, San Diego (Camp Pendleton) to visit two of my former students from PA) is all day Saturday. Yeah… oh and you know, homework for the two finals and papers I have due Monday and Tuesday

In the midst of the craziness, i’m so excited b/c things finally feel “right” around here… maybe my perspective has changed a bit, maybe i’m hiding from myself, or maybe i’m just ready to see what God has in store… either way, i promise i won’t let what happened to someone in Nevada happen to me… I’ll be more careful with running around in hot weather


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