never gonna say goodbye…

I love that song… i love it… i love the 80s… i do, i mean, really.

but i don’t like the clothing trends… goodness gracious, i wore them once, isn’t that enough? What is H&M doing to me?????????????????????????

I’ve had an interesting weekend, I’ve had time to think, and frankly, I need hours more… people are funny, and sad, and broken, and hurting, just like me… and yet we are unwilling to admit that part of their lives, and assume we’re the only hurting people. I wonder if that mindset is ever going to leave me?

I’m tired and need to finish two papers, and a project proposal and be at work in 10 minutes… seems like I might have a problem, huh?


One response to “never gonna say goodbye…

  1. Yep…sad how broken we are sometimes, isn’t it? But the Great Healer is definitely amazing. He comforts us, gives us peace, and cares for us in the midst of insanity. Definitely awesome. I just have to remember to ask Him for His help!

    GOOD LUCK WITH THE PAPERS AND STUFF! Hope you are well, and hope we can catch up soon…although whether or not that is realistic with this being pre-Jubilee week…we shall see…God bless ya! *hug*

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