i’ve been waiting…

Sometimes in the grind of full-time classes, part-time work, bills, friendships, family (all far away), let alone all the loops life throws at you, I found myself stuck in the position of needing a pick-me-up and a reminder. Of? A reminder of why I’m here in california. Funny thing is, I had no idea that it was exactly what I needed. Praise God that I can claim him as Jehovah Jireh!

And so I headed to the site of the lovely ’07 blizzard in Indiana. Imagine this if you will. Friday the 16th, it’s 87 degrees (F) in Pasadena, and I step onto a plane at LAX at 12:15 am on Saturday with the temperatures hovering at 60 degrees. Totally delightful. So what happens, I land at 9:45 am in Indianapolis to 17 degrees (F – yes, not C). I mean, I grew up in the snow belt in PA, so this should NOT be shocking to my system. It was. But 15 inches of snow, and seeing no pavement or cement was a bit, ok, a LOT confusing.

I was quickly able to move past the weather, as I was blessed to surprise a large number of my ‘former’ students in Indianapolis at a retreat this weekend. The weekend was a blessing for a number of reasons:
– it was good to be ‘home’
– it was good to see some dear friends (Amy!!!!!!!) and get some ridiculously adorable shots of her child! 🙂 Oh, Bryn is a cutie! 🙂
– i love bear hugs, and a lot of my boys gave great hugs when i saw them – i like surprises!
– i love bear hugs, and a lot of my girls gave amazing hugs when i saw them – yup, i still like surprises!
– people’s facial expressions are amazing!
– God poured out his love on me during this weekend
– i was reminded of my call in a profound way

I moved to Pasadena from Indianapolis, to get my MDiv in Youth, Family and Culture. Two years of working in youth ministry in Indy (yay Super Bowl Champs!) was amazing, in every sense of the word. Specifically, it was amazing because God showed me my call; at times with such specificity I can do nothing but stand in awe.

I spent the weekend laughing, smiling, giggling, grinning, and in awe of God’s amazing gifts, power, and wonder. He reminded me so clearly that these people are who sent me to Fuller, and that they sent me to be equipped, and they are why I am in this part of my journey.

My students opened up immediately with me, shared stories, cried with me, laughed (a LOT) with me, and communed in fellowship with me and their new sisters and brothers. I have arrived back in LA (4 hours ago, ha!) refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated. I went to the land of Hoosiers to surprise and serve; God amazingly did that and more right back to me. God’s pretty cool, pretty stinking cool!


2 responses to “i’ve been waiting…

  1. I’m glad IN was good for your soul. I understand how important it is to get out and get back to your roots. Like the Appalachian hills in PA. Oh so soul stirring!! Back just in time for me to make a trek home and defend my faith. Should be fun right???

  2. Still sitting in classes with people who we both know? HA!

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