i’m the king of…

I feel as though a short catch is in order for you all, considering that I’ve not done nearly as good of a job as I’d like. I guess I do need to recall that it is the 10th week of a quarter, about 50 pages of papers await me (I’ll have to give a final account later), and I’m plain and simply busy and tired. Both…

I guess God knows when rests should occur, but lately, man I’ve wanted to decide when those rests are personally. I had no idea that when I said that I was going to be busy in February that I would end up as busy as I did. A quick recounting:
– retreat in Santa Barbara weekend #2
– back to Indy weekend #3
– birthday parties, movie nights, and oscar parties weekend #4
– multiple birthdays of friends
– massive papers already due
– conflict with self
– conflict with others
– roommate conflict
– roommate laughter
– establishing new friendships
– dissolving old friendships
– evaluating new friendships

oh right, and you know, the whole life thing… oh and in the middle of the month, just throw in the 11 year anniversary with my brother… right, not much going on in Libby-land…

emotions are a dangerous thing – and sometimes, I let them get the best of me… it’s a shame really… but i’ve come to not only accept them, but start to wrestle with this important question: why is it that i’ve come to a point where I want to run from my emotions instead of dealing with them?

I suck at journaling in handwriting – i get attention deficit or something and can’t continue or focus. I also stink at commitments to things that I’m the only person in control over… which is ironic, b/c there are other things for which I am extremely ocd and stubborn.

People are crazy, and that’s fun too… really, life is crazy… but some day, well, every day, i’ll just have to sit back and accept that… that i guess it’s really a manifestation of God’s creativity, right?

ahhh, yes, crazy indeed


One response to “i’m the king of…

  1. Karen Elizabeth

    the whole journal in handwriting escapes me as well. I can’t write as fast as my thoughts and it all goes down hill after the first two words.
    Don’t get burned out..my friend watched her wonderful much-beloved manager actually have a mental break down (ambulance was called and everything) before her very eyes mostly because the manager didn’t know how to take a mental health break. It happens a lot more than people think.
    Good to hear from you though.

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