oh, what a night!

it seemed like it would be like most Sunday nights at first.


church was good, left with my roommate, Nelli, and we decided to go study in Sierra Madre at my favorite coffee shop, Beantown. nothing unusual. i’d drive us out there – seeing as how I knew how to get there.

we arrive at Beantown, and not only is the whole place ridiculously packed, but it’s open mic nite – WHAT? down to Starbucks, til we get hungry or the place empties, or both. apparently starbucks billoweth as well? fine, we’ll just go somewhere else. monrovia for about 45 minutes, til the place is too ridiculously cold (thanks, Starbucks).

back in SM, we find a space right in front of the Mexican restaurant, Casa del Rey – things are looking up. we decided on the drive over that pizza would be both cheap and easy – so we head into Village Pizzeria. please keep in mind i normally detest pizza, so this is a big deal to her and me. I told her it had been months since I’d had pizza – as I recounted later, it had been 2.5 months… exactly. we waited for our pizza for about 15 minutes, while checking e-mail, etc., via free wireless at my beloved Beantown.

then things get interesting… we stay in beantown until about 10 pm, and as we walked away, i jokingly say, “Nelli, i can’t find my keys… wouldn’t it be funny if i left them in Village Pizzeria”


“I’m totally kidding, they’re in my bag!” (however, I am starting to freak out – i don’t feel or hear them… this isn’t good, i think twice… indeed, indeed it wasn’t… after emptying the bag, twice – there’s nothing.

i run into beantown – surely, they’re in their – i probably left them at the counter


maybe they’re outside?


luckily, maybe, i left the car unlocked – so we sat inside and plotted what to do. i walked back into beantown and asked the sketchy men a question i thought was brilliant. they, however, did not.

“can any of you men jump start a car?”
“hahaha. what kind?”
“nissan altima”
“ooooh, haha, no way!”
“what year?”
“oh hell no”
“oooh, right – electronic, right?”
“yeah, darlin’…”
“you got AAA?”
“oh my gosh, how dumb am i!”

i walk off feeling imbecilic… then i recall that my wallet with my AAA card is in my apt, as i had just switched wallets last week and didn’t finish the job. i eventually try to convince a friend to climb over the balcony of my apt to attempt to break into it, b/c all my roommates were gone. then she reminded me that i could call AAA and they could find my no for me. then nelli remembered she had her AAA card. 15 minutes later, I had my number, was transferred to an operator in socal, and then dropped on that call. i returned the call, and we attempted to find a locksmith to come make me a key – depending on the cost.

turns out they won’t on a sunday night – and it would have cost me $320. not bad.


i decided to leave the car in Sierra Madre, call the cops and tell them that my car was essentially stranded and please not to ticket me, and realized that when i gave them my license plate, they would realize i was not registered in CA… ruh roh. so I tell the cop i had just moved to ca

just so you all know – just does not mean in the last month, in my book – it means in the last year. i did not lie.

my friends retrieved us at 11:30 pm (an hour and 15 min. after the ordeal began. i locked my car, except for one door – to, you know, fool anyone trying to break into my car. (i’m soooo smart!)

we return home, exhausted, but laughing. PJs are on, when i go to write down the events – which i did not, ps. why? because as i was determining where to begin the story, i realized that we had left Nelli’s car at the church, 4 blocks from our apt. so at 12:30 am we began a massive search to find someone with a car to save her car from a ticket from the church parking lot in the am.

yes, indeed. we succeeded.

oh, and i got my keys at 10:15 am at the pizza place… all is well, and the car is safe… in the parking lot at beantown as i type… i’m back… and i see my keys – fear not.


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