she could do anything… a beautiful disaster

I really wish someone had warned me when I moved to California about how complicated my life was going to get. I mean, I suppose there were some warnings about it, but I had frankly no idea just how extensive the warnings should have been.

This summer is quickly (and nauseatingly) turning into one of the most impacting and frustrating experiences. I have not one best friend, but in theory two best friends from college getting married. Though that sounds like enough, there’ the church that I want to go back and do camp with this summer. Oh wait, and a friend from Fuller getting married the weekend following the best friends’ weddings. Right.

Oh, don’t forget that whole new job thing starting in mid-June, looking for another job in June, oh, and summer classes throughout the, well, the summer.

Oh, yeah, and I’m moving to a new apartment, too!

I’m not POSITIVE, but I’m pretty confident that I’ve suddenly set myself for a non-restful summer… and the complications, oh yes, they abound….

praise God for the chance to love on friends, students, co-workers, and the opportunity to even make money.


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