it’s good to be in..


um, please confirm – I have a tan already. What in the world? I looked at my face today in the mirror. I realized that my face is darker now than I think it may have been all of last summer. Talk about needing to get the sunscreen out. Eek!

On a different front, I’m sick of Hebrew… 5 more weeks, 5 more weeks.

You all deserve to see my official countdown:
– 1 wk and 1 day til Grete’s bday party
– 1 wk and 2 days til Cinco de Mayo!
– 2 weeks and 1 day til Santa Cruz/San Fran – HURRAY!
– 2 weeks and 2 day until Guster!!!!!!!!
– 3 weeks til Boston and the sister gradumentation
– 3 weeks and 4 days til Beth gets here!
– 4 weeks until Anna’s birthday festivities
– 4 weeks and 4 days til Anna’s party
– 6 weeks and 1 day until SOT Graduation festivities
– 6 weeks and 2 days until graduation – what???
– 6 weeks and 4 days until my birthday? ew!

I need to figure out how to celebrate my birthday effectively… yup… that’s the new goal… i’ve not thrown a party for myself since 4th grade… that’s sad

great note… I heart Denny Wit


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