why don’t we go?

First of all, i love discovering new things in old things. God’s creativity and wisdom seems to play out so clearly in that.

Secondly, does anyone know why I keep tripping on my own two feet? I mean, in the last 3 days I’ve tripped not once, not twice… no 5 times. what in the world?!

i’ve narrowed down my unbalanced challenges to the following potential pitfalls:
– lack of sleep (highly likely, except I’m sleeping so much lately!)
– lack of coordination (extremely likely as of late… yikes)
– overuse of brain in unlikely ways (yeah, totally likely)
– nervousness (again, likely)

Whatever it is, I may have to pitch the Tevas for a few weeks until I relearn how to walk in the cement district known as Pasadena. I’m suddenly really desiring to escape this city – good thing I am each of the next two weekends.

I never knew I needed to see a close friend as much as I am… beth, you can’t get here much faster.


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