i’m in southern california

I really do love justin mcroberts… here are those lyrics in whole… damn he’s good.

fifth wheel by j.mcrob

I’m in Southern California
and the beautiful ones
just kicked me out of their resturaunt
I gotta tell myself I didn’t really want
to eat there anyway

That’s just the way it goes sometimes

Friday night at the movie show I got
5 friends and we wanna go
There’s only 4 seats in the 2nd row
guess I’m sitting by myself

That’s just the way it goes sometimes

I am the 5th wheel
I am the 53rd card in the deck
I got a “kick me” sign hang’n round my neck O Lord
I’m on the outside looking in

Went alone to the high-school dance
saw a pretty girl, thought I had a chance
But her boyfriend’s a gorilla with a
bat named Lance and I’m running for my life.
That’s just the way it goes sometimes

Somebody told me
You came for the lonely
Here I am Lord, take me
I got a bumper sticker says
“I’m born to lose”
I got foot prints on my blue suede shoes
Even in church I’m singing the blues
because I need You that bad O Lord


One response to “i’m in southern california

  1. I’ve found myself belting this one out many ‘o times, good stuff. I saw Justin once, in the Albuquerque airport, lined up in Southwest boarding group B. I had no idea who he was till my nosy self saw his name on his bordning pass, “Justin McRoberts.” I was so intruged figuring out if it was THE Justin McRoberts (I think it was), I got too shy to say anything. Oh the joys of the Southwest cattle call… 🙂

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