love not just a sum of us…

i love reading and listening to music… except, the newest conclusion in my life is that i like my music collection too much to focus! 🙂

today has had me laughing for far too much – and not focusing enough! 🙂

i’m ready – all nighter, bring it on!


2 responses to “love not just a sum of us…

  1. Wow. All nighters. I could never do them. Still can’t. Good luck with your insane amounts of work. I’m sure it will all get done and be done well enough to pass. Ha. Remember when I used to drive for the A? I miss that.

  2. remember when i lied and said i did an allnighter and fell asleep at 3:30 am…

    remember when i got old?

    remember when i still want the A all night long, but refuse to work for it? and then get angry when i don’t get it…

    right… that’s called Libby-ness – it’s a bad, bad thing

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