with the wind always behind me…

if there ever were a week for mixed emotions, I think it might be this one. the week starts with a best friend telling me i’m fake hours before my birthday – awesome. then i wake on birthday morning feeling ill. double awesome. wait, spilled some wine at 3 am of birthday morning. triple freakin’ awesome.

day improves with party at night. filled with friends, laughter, awkwardness (when isn’t there surrounding the libby). of course there is the overwhelming emotion of knowing that indeed, i’m getting older. here’s a pleasant thought my mother reminded me of just hours into my birthday. 1) she was married two months after her 25th. 2) i am not dating anyone.

thanks, mom.

day ends splendiforously well, so i can’t complain about that. Oversleep for a meeting on Tuesday morning with faculty and staff. awesome. laugh with professors and have opportunity to do good for students in my first meeting. awesome. faculty meeting awkwardness. awesome. laughing with faculty again. double awesome. work both other jobs. oy vey awesome. hang out with friends, drink wine, make brownies, and watch the office. yes, clearly awesome.

wednesday. ahh, the kicker. work all day, avoid life all day. annoyed, all day. awesome. lunch and shopping with friend. awesome. park and good night and good luck with friends. double awesome. bed at 3:30 am. triple awesome.

thursday. oversleep, again. awesome. realize you really can’t find your license still. double awesome. realize you forgot to renew your plates and can’t figure out the pa license page. awesome. want to hurl things at people all day long. awesome. wait in line at bank for 30 minutes. awesome.

libby in a bad mood right now? NEVER.

libby direly needing to clean her room and find her license? NOPE.

libby needing a nap. YES PLEASE.


One response to “with the wind always behind me…

  1. Amy, Ben, and Bryn

    Libby, I LOVE YOU.

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