church bells ring

I love dear friends. I mean, obviously I would. But today I’ve been thinking a lot about the friends of mine that I’m been blessed to acquire in the last 25 years of my life. Holy shit is it amazing. I mean, seriously. Seriously, I couldn’t have picked a better group of people, honestly. I love how I can get a phone call at 5:30 pm and the next thing I know, I’m driving in the usual traffic of the 210 to visit with a friend I’ve not seen in 3 years, since I moved to Indiana even. The fact is I have amazing people in my life who I’m lucky enough to share life with, in whatever fashion, or sense, it might be.

I love how my friends listen to me, and accept me for the innumerable flaws I possess.

I love LA despite hating the traffic, the fast-paced life that sucks me in, the lack of seasonable change, the 3-hour time difference that puts incredible demand upon relationships in my life from my past, the ability to get lost in a moment’s notice, the middle-school drama that is graduate school here, the lack of growth in some areas of my life (and inevitable growth that also occurs), the overpriced life I live, the fact that I lose time to visit friends on the east coast, only to gain more time back on the west coast, when I think i’d prefer the opposite, the resultant missing of weddings, birthdays, camps, celebrations, and graduation because I’m in California and simply can’t afford a trip back for everything.

Despite that list (and more), I love that I’ve found myself in some sort of a community. Some days it still feels fake. Some days it still feels quite short of where it could be. Some days I wish I had she self-esteem and security to just go out on a limb with some friendships. But I am still freakishly blessed. Freakishly blessed to know people – you know who you are – who love me like nothing I deserve. Who come to birthday parties and make me laugh, who drive hours to birthday parties because they can, who freaking just love me for all the crap I still throw at them.

For all of you… bless you.


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