time takes time, you know?

well, it’s official. i’m moved. i mean, there’s of course the fact that i’ve slept in the bed here for 5 days now. but I think when I finally started to put things in “place, it made it official in my mind. we moved a sofa and bookshelf into the next official “home” today, removed a HUGE sofa (we’re going with 12 ft I think) that had been in there for, how long? oh, like 6 years. and i finally took 90 percent of the stuff in my car into the apt. i do have a detached chair in my trunk, too. HA. i have some clothing at the other place that I’ll need to retrieve, but I think I’ll manage til Anna returns.

in the meantime, i love the fact that moving = finding those things you tucked away never to recall having.

lots of reading starts on Monday, as my first of two straight 2-week intensives begins. american church history at 8 am for four hours a day does not sound like the most thrilling way to spend my time, but suffice to say, i’ll make it with Grete in the class… oh, and facebook.


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