you sure look swell, don’t let that kill you

I have a question. Please view this as my hand in the air, shaking feverishly. I mean, I’m almost convulsing right now.

What is up with me that half of the world is talking to me at coffee shops but I can’t get some of my own “friends” at Fuller to talk to me right? What am I doing that says to other people, I’m an open book, I’m kind/nice/pleasant/attractive, and yet I’m scaring my classmates into being better friends with me? What’s with the attitude I currently have?

I swear every time I walk into Beantown lately, I am not only making new friends, but I’m only making them with men. Frankly, this is bizarre. My list of creepy people in the world that I know is growing exponentially. Freaking bizarre.

I need to work on my opinion forming of people, maybe. Maybe, just maybe, I don’t make as good of a first impression on OR of people, at least not as well as I thought. Bummer. Major bummer, here.

Oh and I hate that as a woman, I barely smile today and everyone keeps walking over to me and talking to me. Today – yeah, not the day. This state is weird.


One response to “you sure look swell, don’t let that kill you

  1. CA is a strange land my friend. Come back east where life is more normal…. 🙂

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