come sail with me

Apparently i’ve been “tagged”… and since i can’t not follow a dare, here goes nothing. Kristin seems to think this will be “good” … we’ll see after I finish writing this one.

The Meme Rules:

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

The Facts:
1) When I drive past anything with a # on it (i.e. address), I have to play with the numbers in my head to get to some sort of a pattern. It doesn’t matter what the number is, how long it is, or anything. I WILL find something unique about it.
– e.g. 3982 – – the pattern? see it?
9 minus 8 equals 1;
3 minus 1 equals
square root of 9 equals 3;

8 divided by 2 equals 4;
8 minus 3 equals 5;
8 minus 2 equals 6;
9 minus 2 equals
2 cubed equals
3 squared equals 9

2) After this summer, I will only have 6 states left to travel to in my life. this, makes me happy, seeing as the states are: alaska, colorado, hawaii, kansas, nebraska and wyoming – i’ll, in theory, hit 4 of those whenever i leave the grand ol’ state of California in a few years.

3) I have never paid more than $20 dollars for a concert in my entire life, and I’m making it my stated goal to never make it beyond that. I guess when those reunion tours come around in my 50s and 60s I might be forced to go beyond this rule, but really… it won’t happen. I do, however, make it around this little pickle, in creative ways. Like, the Guster/Toad the Wet Sprocket concert at the OC Fair next Wednesday. I maybe happened to have won a tickets for the show, which are $30 a pop. Whooeee!

4) I had ridiculously curly hair as a little girl, it went nearly black, thick and uber-straight by age 5. It stayed the same way until I got to college, and started to lighten more. Suddenly one day i noticed my hair was getting more and more wavy. Now, I have much lighter, thinner, curly hair. Oh, and there are maybe two cowlicks… no bangs for Libby. (PS my sister has red tendril curly hair. My brother? Blond and straight. No milk-man, don’t worry.

5) When I was three years old, my mom was cutting my ice cream into cubes (don’t ask, I don’t get it either) and I was so upset that my mom wouldn’t believe that I wouldn’t choke, that I ran out screaming into the family room and threw myself onto the couch. Too bad that I didn’t have the insight to realize that the wood-framed sofa’s framing was indeed wood. As I threw myself onto the sofa, the wood and my forehead collided. Um, hello Emerg-a-care. Under my “silky” blanket (which I still own, thank you very much), I sang Row, Row, Row Your Boat numerous times to deal with the fear and pain of stitches. You can still see the scar to this day.

6) Speaking of singing, there’s video of me from age 4 singing a song I wrote about my doll. I don’t advise listening to it, as the audible sound is deafening. My voice, at that time, was about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Apparently my parents thought so as well. I was such a ham at such a young age, that my parents had decided by the time I was 2, that I was either going to pursue acting or singing. The Fear?? Yeah, I couldn’t’ sing a note on key, at all.

Flash forward to first grade. I maybe was given a solo in our class’s major “production,” if you will. My parents were apparently enraged, as they couldn’t understand why my music teacher would “embarrass” me like that. (Translate embarrass me as embarrass my parents.) They came, brought Grandma A, and even brought the recorder, but were going to pretend it “broke.” They did, and as it turns out, I could actually sing – and well, too. Yeah, they still are embarrassed by that decision.

7) I eat Skittles and M&Ms in a very particular order.

Skittles are ordered best to worse as follows: purple, red, orange, yellow and green. I bunch them into groups, and b/c there are never a fair and balanced (don’t read FoxNews into this, please) number of skittles, the smaller groups (i.e. non-perfect) are eaten first, then moving up in size until I meet the full groups. Those I eat one at a time, letting them melt.

are consumed by color groups. Consumed worst to best, the order is: dark brown, orange, green, yellow, blue, red.

Phew… that was weird… I’m sure there are far better stories, but you know, I’m okay with that.

Who’s tagged?? Doooo it..
Jen, Grete, Beth, Kelly, Adam, Josh, Amy P., Dave


7 responses to “come sail with me

  1. grete rachel


  2. hahaha 😉

  3. Josh Peters

    whaaaa… i don’t understand. you have to understand, I did drop out of seminary so this might be beyond my comprehension.

  4. Holler!

  5. What a huge time sucker! But I did it…..

  6. Hello friend! LOOOOOVED your 8. Esp. the OCD ones. Very fun! Love, Caroline

  7. Wow, I’m going to have to think on this one! You do have some unique qualities about you don’t you? 😉

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