i am behind, i am behind

What’s the good in being self-aware? Seriously. I think I’m beginning to like the idea of naivety and simplicity more and more, over the days of being so self-aware.

It’s not to say that I can’t be self-aware. Or that I’ll stop being such. But I envy those who aren’t, in some strange and ironic twist. I realize that my notion that those who are naive and unaware are happier because they don’t really have to deal with the challenges, struggles, complications, and frustrations that others who are self-aware unseemingly face is faulty logic. I see that, seriously. But I’d love to live in those shoes for 2 days.

Just 2 days.

But one good thing of this awareness that I live in, is my ability to be aware that the rest of the world certainly has “something” to offer me. One of those offerings, is clearly music – and other people’s ways with dealing with their own self-awareness (or lack thereof, I do suppose – thank you Paris Hilton).

On a slight twist of subject, I think I want to try something new on here… not sure what, but I feel as though I need to get people thinking a little harder about what I’m doing. Each subject for at least the last year and a half has had lyrics from some song. A song, nonetheless, that happened to hit the iTunes playlist within writing time, or a song that was/is currently dancing in my soul. But either no one cares, noticed, or wanted to ask. I think I’m going back to the recommending list at the bottom of a blog. There, you have it, I’ve made a decision.

What’s my newest find, you might ask? She is… I’m not saying this to brag or flaunt my music stylings, but merely to say, I’ve got a good ear. People always end up falling for someone I recommend. Some fall hard, very very hard! (You know who you are!) This Presby from PA says, check out Brooke Waggoner… you might start dancing, and I’m sooooooo not kidding you.


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