i hope tomorrow is like today

it’s quite true. well, i hope that what I think today will be like is what tomorrow will be like as well.

I forgot how much I miss these ladies in my life. It’s not at all to say that I don’t love my world, my life, etc., in Pasadena. But I miss these college girls. I miss the jokes, the laughing, the shenanigans that follow us. I love the crazy notions we have of fun.

Tonight includes a movie with the ladies on the Southside. Drinks and laughing somewhere nearby, and MAYBE, just MAYBE other dangerous activities. Right now, I’m “writing” my paper. Which really means, I’m doing anything in my power to avoid finishing this class. Why? I have no freaking idea. Welcome to the world of Libby.

:…i hope tomorrow is like today…::…:::Guster:::…:


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