all the girls in california

ha… what an eventful 6 days of my life, and it’s not over. I certainly hadn’t expected some of the things to happen that did. My dear friend Vera just got married on Sunday. WHAT?! Crazy amazing! Oh the Dorosh siblings, and of coursse, the nieces and nephews. Those little kids made me laugh so hard, I barely can stop from laughing thinking about them. And Melissa and Zach were at the wedding – which was the first time that I had seen them since Vera, Beth and I had dropped in to Albuquerque on my way to LA. So fun! Oh, and Beth found her kindred spirit this weekend – oh, Joy, what a troublemaker you are going to be!

Speaking of, oh my goodness, how freaking blessed am I!?!?! Beth L. Grubbs might be my hero. What an amazing woman, and amazing friend I have in her. We both live crazy, psycho lives on opposite sides of the US, but when we get a chance to catch up, I love the amount of laughter we get. 🙂 She visited LA in late May, and I hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time. Plus she got to witness some of the antics in my life. Between Santa Monica, stalking a friend and sitting around campus for a few days, I’m pretty sure that she got a good idea of Fuller-life.

So I got a chance to see much of her life in last week. I FINALLY saw the Lighthouse (her work), her treasure-trash new home, the rents, Jer (yes, i thought i should add that part of my weekend, it’s important, Beth!!), her new posh Target (HA!), a fab winery, and Primanti Bros. in Cranberry, at it’s finest. So much more, but that might end up being a whole different post!

Of course, there’s also the Grove City Outlets. Girls can dream of them being open, but they weren’t. So we made the old school Eat’n’Park run. We even had the ironic empty seat for V$. Really, it was for the potential of Devi. But as we sat there, we realized just how ironic it was. She was married, and we were sitting in Grove City’s ENP without her. weird…

I ended up randomly showing up in Erie for a few days (late Sunday night) until Tuesday morning. Seriously, a random short trip. But I got lunch with Dad at our old school hangout when I was in college as pre-Gannon games stops, Mom’s homecooking (of my favorite meal – ever), and tonight I get Jen time. Tomorrow brings time with the Brunette Bombshell – the one and only, Nadia. It’s been ages since we’ve been able to hang out – really, pre-Indiana for me. so I can only begin to imagine what antics we’ll get ourselves into trouble with in Pittsburgh tomorrow!

God is so good to me – this break is exactly what I needed.


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