whatcha’ doin’ with a suitcase?

here i sit, in the Pittsburgh International Airport, at 12:46 am on August 8, 2007. 3 hours, 14 minutes and I can check my luggage in at the terminal and get into the right terminal, with the grandiose hopes of getting a little cat-nap in before I attempt to pull an allen b.

what’s an allen b? it’s getting a voucher for a flight back, so i can essentially “make some money” on my vacation. Yes, a novel concept, which means it probably won’t happen. Some people’s flights have just arrived here… and frankly, all this girl could dream of right now would be for 4 am to roll in quickly. The last hour and a half have gone by rather quickly, all things considered. But frankkly, there are only a few things I’d really like:

– a pillow
– a blanket (optional, i do have clothes i could use as blankets)
– security guard watching intently that no one steals from me….

you may see a countdown from me in a few hours, in the midst of my delirium

ps… as much as I say I hate Pittsburgh, it’s actually a fabulous city. What a fun day exploring the cuisine and road closures of Pittsburgh with the Brunette Bombshell herself, Miss Nadia.

Ok, off to look to see how Allen B can come to full glory in a matter of hours… free flights, here i come??? đŸ™‚


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