take me home

home, sweet home?

Ok, this is what I’ve officially come to. It’s totally true that where my head lands for multiple hours, is where I end up calling home. For instance, in college, I always referred to it as home when i was there. Actually, I think the last two years I would refer to New Wilmington as home even when I was in Fairview with the parentals. Yikes!

Then Zionsville/Carmel was totally home for two years. There was never really any questions as to whether or not that was the case. I just called it home. When I moved out to California, I think I still referred to Z’ville as home for a while. I mean, it was definitely my home away from home.

But then it happened. I may not having the timing “down” but yesterday, when we hit Walnut and Los Robles, I thought to myself, and then said outloud, unknowingly, “I’m home.”

It didn’t really click until late last night that I really do look at Pasadena as home. For all the crap I’m dealing with right now, for all the choices I’m avoiding, for all the frustrations, disappointments, annoyances, etc., I do love it here. I love relationships, despite it “all.”

So yes, Amy, I’m home.

..:..Home..:..::..Marc Broussard..::.


One response to “take me home

  1. Matthew Cline

    It’s interesting, I saw this blog just after reflecting on the places I call home. Ironically, I usually call the place I am going to home. I didn’t refer to CA as home until I came back for vacation with my family, but this whole week I have been saying things like, “When I get home, I’ll…”, etc (referring to CA). But, the week before I left, I called PA home. It has never been the location where I was staying at the time, rather where I was going to be living next. I guess I’m strange.

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