light of the world

it always makes one’s heart smile when reading articles like this. NOT. I realize there are hot-button issues, and that the church has varying opinions on homosexuality, and the like. but whatever the intentions were – or not – this story simply certainly expels the gospel message of love. i don’t see the gospel in it, even if unfairly reported.

i really wonder what kind of mistakes I’m going to make in ministry (not that i’ve not already, right?). hmm, i wonder what mistakes friends of mine in seminary will make – what could possibly end up on the international, national, state or local news and continue, bringing yet another tangible piece of evidence that church is just as messed up as the rest of the world?

i wish it weren’t the case, though… i wish we really were always a light. i wonder what that world would look like. the utopia that huxley and orwell wrote of seem a little too pat, to be honest. but even still.

oh, to dream of a world though… to dream of a life where i don’t fear those mistakes, or at leaest don’t fear the affect that others could have upon me. cuz let’s face it – that’s part of the problem: the affect other’s shitty image has upon me (i.e. us). why does it always end up about the proverbial “me“?


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