rise among us

I’ve been sitting in my apt. the last hour listening on podcast (yes, i’m hip) to the Youth Sunday from ZPC last Sunday. I miss those people. I cried twice – ps, I don’t cry.

This past week has been a whirlwind for me. I had a pretty rough Friday, and frankly, just wanted to hide from the world. I had resigned to myself earlier in the summer that youth ministryr, in the traditional sense, just apparently wasn’t in the cards. Schedules and money just weren’t meshing, and I had to accept that Great Escape, friends, students, and really, family, were not going to ‘happen’ – i needed to just move on with that fact. I wish I could say that I was “ok” with it, but during TGE, each phone call from HS counselors and work crew pulled on my heartstrings. Funny how a simple connection on the phone telling you a random fact can actually make someone a bit jealous. But I knew my place and timing was where God wanted me, but I certainly didn’t like the timing of some things at moments – it’s so easy to just fight God every step of the way. It wasn’t that I was annoyed that I was with Vera for her wedding, it was annoyed that schedules a year ago made GE so late in the year – how dare it! 😉

Well, I woke up last Saturday on the floor of a friend’s apt after my crappy Friday, only two days removed from having spent a week at home with family, and all I could think about was getting myself back to indiana, or at least, far away from CA. Yes, I am aware this is a very healthy perspective.) I was sitting on the couch when i got a voicemail asking me a “crazy” question. The next thing I knew, I was faced with a decision: leaving Pasadena for the week to head my way to the middle of nowhere, Ca for jr. high camp with a church that i attended but no barely anyone non-Fuller associated. I would know 1 person at camp, who would be there with me for 3 days. That’s it. Originally this would have totally not worked out – I was supposed to be on a plane on Wednesday, and not be returning until the 19th. Not anymore.

Guess who went to camp for a week?

Guess who was blessed innumerably by some 12 and 13 year old girls who loved me unconditionally from the moment i snorted (it worked yet again!)?

Guess who thinks God used a situation that was difficult for a church, and a woman certainly broken, all for his glory and in his timing to bring some laughter and love into the lives of some girls and boys?

God’s crazy. God is CRAZY good.


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