we had a good thing, don’t get me wrong

Wowser (yes, I said it), I can’t believe it’s now the end of August. Was it not like 4 days ago that I had just finished Reformed Worship class? Apparently that was 4 weeks ago. WHAT?!

I’m about to traverse all over the freaking US, and I don’t think I could be much more excited – ok, that’s a lie, I could totally be. Late Friday night (well, according to my ticket, it’s really Saturday morning, but 1 am flights are not the next day in my world) I will be boarding a plane for a new city – St. Paul. My only time in the twin cities ever before was on a layover in February to Indianapolis. From there, my dear high school friend, Jen, and I will be driving with her parents across the country, frankly, to Seattle, Wa., her new home for the next year (yay, another West Coaster!).

Seattle is certainly a city I’ve never been to, and this trip even allows the Libinator to knock off some key states on her list of 50 by 30 (I decided that when I was 17… silly me, that includes Alaska and Hawaii by then too!!) – hello, how often do you get the opportunity to hit up Idaho and Montana, let alone North Dakota. Thanks to an end of middle school mission trip (ok, it was essentially a high school trip) to South Dakota when I was 13, I was able to see some states that until this trip would have remained untouched (most notably South Dakota and Minnesota – I mean, who goes to those states from Pa, anyway?

(Sorry, I’m both hyper and exhausted, and thrilled I’m almost done with a paper for tomorrow evening! Yahoo!)

From Seattle I’m now boarding a plane to Indianapolis, hitting up not only Indiana for a few days, but two more uncharted airports (did I mention this obsession with all the states also includes all the aiports, but I’ve not set a time deadline on that requirement. Oh, and it also, and maybe almost most notably, includes all baseball stadiums in the US and Canada (and since Montreal is no more, I’ve already got my Toronto experience marked off). Anyway, I stop in St. Louis on that layover, that’s what I was saying.

Then after a few glorious (i hope!) days in Indiana, I’m going to heading back to LA, hopefully both refreshed and rejuvenated. Its funny how God has these crazy ways of reminding us for self care. Why does the church suck at teaching that very lesson??

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2 responses to “we had a good thing, don’t get me wrong

  1. Hooray for vacation! I need to take one…but that’s neither here nor there…traveling mercies to you, and enjoy yourself! Talk to you soon!

  2. I cannot wait to see you!!! This is going to be fabulous.

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