this is how it is….

I’m pretty sure that today might have been filled with some of the most diverse feelings as I could have expected on this whole trip, and it’s only day 3. I write to you (whoever “you all” is I have no idea) from Butte, MT. The landscape today feels like it could be out of a Thomas Kincade collection. Granted, I’m not the hugest watercolor fan, nor landscape painting fan, but there’s something about being in a car, on a bike, by foot or in an airplane and looking at the sights (and sounds) that brings a huge sense of awe and wonder to my soul. The creativity blows my mind.

I’m a person on the move a lot – sometimes I need someone to tell me to slow down and breathe. I don’t know if I bring those people into my life often. And when I do, I typically push them out rather easily. My dear friend Jen definitely quietly reminds of this quite often. She knows boundaries and applies them well. I, on the other hand, do the opposite for the fear of offending people. (Must love people pleasers, right?) This drive has allowed me to really think – maybe a bit too much. I can’t be “on the move” with people who like to take their time traveling, and while it certainly brings moments or two when i want to scream – LET’S GO! or PLEASE DRIVE FASTER – I have come to an understanding that it’s ok to enjoy the US, time with friends, and well, just breathe.

I wish I could upload pictures from my phone onto my laptop at the moment. I have some ridiculous pictures from the Painted Canyon in North Dakota, a tall Sandstone rock that William Clark found along Yellowstone and signed (which we hiked, and then played in the water of), and well, just all of the Rockies that we’ve seen in Montana.

I’m looking out a window now that’s almost as breath-taking as the rest, except you can see signs of civilization here, which is certainly not what I’ve seen most of this trip! And frankly, I can’t complain.

PS Christian Radio in Montana is funny… very very funny… farm stock updates, gotta love ’em!


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