searching for her soul

My friend Katie and I had an experience in the late Spring preparing for the TGU Banquet. Twice over, we were treated like the dumbest “girls” you’d ever seen. We were ignored and talked down to so many times that we both considered writing a letter the minute we got back to campus to the Manager in Monrovia. It was that ridiculous, honestly.

Well, I needed to buy paint for my new apartment (crazy!), well the bedroom, and I looked direly for a Lowe’s nearby. The closest was too far away on non-freeway roads, and there was a different Home Depot that I could pick from. In weakness to the time situation I was/am in, I chose to go to Alhambra for paint. Mistake #1.

Lesson #1: Trust your instinct and experience.

After waxing and waning on shades of the colors (to be posted later), I stood in line, not only with the paint chips, but with confidence that I’d be out of the store in 20 minutes. I had had my slip (C-79). This thought, was clearly Mistake #2.

Lesson #2: You don’t have any control over time at Home Depots (ok, life).

So, I finally get my number called – it’s only 1:10. I’ve only been waiting 25 minutes or so (60 since I’d grabbed the slip). People left and right were rolling their eyes and getting frustrated wtih the process for their paint. Why I didn’t leave and return later? I don’t know, but it was Mistake #3.

Lesson #3: See Lesson #1

So push comes to shove, and I have my paint. I’m hungry, tired, and flustered. But I’m done! That’s a miracle, indeed! 🙂 I start walking to the check out, and see the “self-checkout” aisle. I love these machines. They feed and foster my impatience. I get right in line and start to check out. Everything is relatively smooth. On the last thing I go to swipe, I get an error. I look to my left and see another customer in the same position. Weird. I look for an employee, and she’s talkign with another. Patience, Libby, patience. Some guy in line comes up and tries to show me how he “deals” with the machine when it does the same thing. His final response: “Well, it hates you today.” Clearly…

Suddenly, it starts to work! Hurray! I go to try to swipe it and we get a different error. Then he goes, “yeah, hates you alright!” GAH! So I look to the employee, and see that she clearly has no desire to help me. I then say, “Hi, I’m having issues.” “I’m busy.”

Great… thanks! You’re laughing with an employee. It’s ok, I’ll try to fix it again. 10 minutes later – nothing, but beeping and everyone is avoiding my line for the other. I finally get the woman to “delete” off the extra product. I’m watching the machine not delete one off, but my ENTIRE ORDER but the thing I wanted the duplicate of deleted. Again, fabulous. So finally I ask if she can delete my entire order, and I’ll just get into another aisle. Sure!

Mistake #4: Self-Checkout is not always the fastest – and if you’re impatient, God is going to teach you a lesson.

Lesson #4: Time is stupid. Don’t worry so much, and breathe.

So I get in the lane that I think is the shortest. It seem like perfection. Haha… Mistake #5.

Lesson #5: Lesson #1 should also converse with Lesson #4

After the cashier not having 1s is solved, she cashes out another customer who has two separate orders. Great! 5 minutes later, she’s being told to leave for the day. As she’s wrapping up his first order, she decides to stay for his second, and gets into an argument with the new guy replacing her. He finally gets her out. He cashes the second guy out, and guess what? Doesn’t have the right change either! Amazing. He won’t say out loud he needs help, so he fidgets with the cash trying to figure out how to help the guy and not lose all his 20s. After handing the man change, tapping another employees shoulders, AND, just standing there for a minute, he discovers that he has the correct change, and takes the mans receipt and the money he gave him and starts over. Funny.

I look at my clock: 1:55. OMG.

I got in my car. It was 2:05. I’m done with this story. But guess what?

Lesson #6: Never go into Home Depot on the West Coast again.

I’m not one to pick a store to just boycott often. I’ve not walked in a Wal-Mart, for instance, in 2 years. I’m okay with that, but it’s more than just principle. I just don’t find them that easy to navigate and there aren’t close stores that nearby. But alas, I’ve found my boycott… and it’s probably the dumbest reason. Suckers.

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3 responses to “searching for her soul

  1. Apparently I need to check your blog more often to keep up with all your posts…. Anyway, this one cracked me up! Sorry to laugh at your misfortune, but it really was quite humorous. You’ll be getting a call from me soon, promise, but yesterday was Open House and sucked every last bit of time out of my world. Ugh.

  2. I can only imagine how it all went. Hope the paint looks good and works out for the apartment.

  3. haha – it’s ok, apparently two other people thought it was humorous too.

    addendum to the story: there was a murder at the home depot in Alhambra (where my job occurred) yesterday – seriously, like IN the home depot someone was stabbed to death – again, lesson #1

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