hush if you must

I don’t often talk about my family, but for the sake of procrastination, here I go…

my sister’s 23rd birthday was yesterday. Jenna and I are so similar that we’re actually almost opposite. she makes nearly 3x the money i do, and she’s just out of college, has antics in her life that are 10x more exciting than mine, and she’s working in the coolest of cool jobs, dealing with real world crisis issues daily. freaking amazing. I like the girl, a lot! I just wish we had more time to catch up.

I often tell people just how different we are. They don’t believe me when I say that she’s 5’10” (i guess it might be 5’9″), has red curly hair, and is more pale than I. She’s got every Swedish, Danish, English and Scotch-Irish line of our family in her blood. I, on the other hand, have all of the Italian genes. (Not that I’m bitter or something… grr).

We were told once by a friend of mine, after staring at the two of us for, I kid you not, for 2 minutes: it’s the cheekbones. Apparently that’s what we share… Oh, and the dimple in our chins. (People don’t pick up on that Swedish connection we both carry!!) 🙂 Other than that, oh, and the “newer” curls in my hair – for the 2nd time in life – we couldn’t look more dissimiliar (please excuse the horrible grammar today).

Both Jenna and I have lived a crazy 23 years together. I’m blessed to have those memories shared with her. We certainly had our fair share of crap happen in life – gosh, that’s the truth – but all those funny moments in the midst were certainly hilarious, as well.

So, Jenna – you’ll probably never see this, but again, Happy Birthday. I love you. Here’s to your 23rd year of life. It was, by far and away, my favorite in my tenure. I pray the same blessings and more in your life for this year. You’re amazing – come visit me soon!


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