walking forward in the freezing rain

i’m pretty sure i’m a disillusioned person. i’m also pretty sure that i’ve been this way in various facets of my life since i was in elementary school.

i’m okay with disillusionment, but I certainly would prefer to have some expectations exceeded in this life. A girl’s allowed to dream, right?

i heard people today talk about the fear of disillusionment, and moreover, the fear of the response that ensues in themselves were disillusionment to arrive in their soul. the ache that rests in one’s soul when the realization that paul may not have written 2 Corinithians, or that their mother is not perfect, or that the church has certain downfalls in meeting the needs of the community where they rest are realities I’m actually happy with.


b/c i’m certainly not perfect. I need a reminder far too often that I’m not apparently, when God subtly reminds me of this reality.

do you fear disillusionment? what is your response to it? running, anger, shutting down, laughter, cynicism, sarcasm?

I’m tired folks. I need some rest. I need some breaths for my soul. I need love.


One response to “walking forward in the freezing rain

  1. Disillusionment. I find it the hardest to deal with (but also the one I most often deal with) b/c I usually end up spending most of my time in the ideal, theoretical world. It has it’s perks, but I suspect far too many drawbacks. Then again, where would this world be without dreamers and visionaries??

    I was reading a Myers-Briggs type listing earlier this week. Mostly b/c I couldn’t remember what they said about my type and b/c I wanted to know what Paul’s was. I discovered that I am called a Mystic. Not what I would have thought, but okay. I can work with that. It makes sense. Explains my ridiculous intuition. And perhaps why I end up disillusioned all the time.

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