let us break bread together…

It’s always good to know that the church looks for shortcuts in just about every fashion that we can. I mean, I get why this product was made. It’s for hospital visits, the military…

But (and this is a huge one) I do not at all, whatsoever, in any way shape or form, get why it’s okay to have a coffee creamer cup with wafer in the wrapper to substitute for human beings interacting together during the Eucharist. What in the world has happened to the church when we put 50 “Remembrance” communion cups into a paper basket (much like that for KFC Chicken) and pass it down the row nonchalantly?

What is my reference? My friend Kristin and I headed to Valencia to see Justin McRoberts lead worship. It was part go somewhere different, part see a musician we both greatly appreciated aesthetically and theologically leading us in a communal activity – worship. Little did we know…

I’ll cut out all the details sans communion. It was certainly my favorite (please note the sarcasm) element (no pun intended). A paraphrasing of the invocation to the Eucharist: “We’re celebrating communion to remind us that Christ died for us. Please pass the bucket and take communion.”

Ahh, yes… I get it now. It’s really disheartening (and disenchanting) to me to know that the celebratory meal that we are supposed to share together, communicating the death and miraculous ressurrection of the one we call Christ has been boxed into cardboard and plastic to pass down a row, so to save time.

The final perfect addition to the story is that they advertised for production volunteers. Yes, let’s make sure we have a rock solid production team. Oh and I guess those ushers can pass the Lord’s supper down the aisles while they’re collecting money too – no biggie.

Yet another reminder of why I am in seminary and what the world is actually like…

NB: This church has no affiliation with either J.McRob or Kristin. We just went for good music. Truth be told, we were given a good “practical” application in what not to do… sounds like a good name for a shoe, eh?

:::::::..::::be not far off (psalm 22):::.:::justin mcroberts:::


4 responses to “let us break bread together…

  1. and yes, I do have one of those from church. it’s been in my purse the last two days… i couldn’t partake in communion that day – it was just too, too, sacrilegiously led… 😦

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. This is absolutely ridiculous. “Pass the bucket….”???

  3. i wish i were, amy

  4. yeah, ain’t that nice that we can mass produce jesus to people? I mean really, no people needed. Oh, wait. Wasn’t that the point of a relationship????

    Education takes many forms doesn’t it?

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